Travis Altman

firefox add-ons for web app assessments

These add-ons are mainly related to web application security, you see these types of list related to firefox add-ons but these are the ones that I think are the most helpful. Firefox has a nice category called web application security penetration testing that has a lot of the plugins I’ll mention. Not all plugins in this category are worthwhile which is why I’m sharing my list.

Detecting cross site scripting

XSS - me

Acunetix xss scanner

I’ve included the link to the Acunetix add-on from my site. You have to sign up with Acunetix in order to receive the add-on and even then it comes bundled with an executable. If for some reason my link doesn’t work with your version of firefox then simply go to the Acunetix site and download their latest version.

Detecting sql injection

SQL inject me

Developer tools are always handy to have because if you can build it you can break it. The web developer add-on will allow you to easily see hidden form fields, javascript, cookies, etc. Firebug will allow you to easily see how the application is built by simply mouseing over the layout. Firebug is also a debugger and will allow you to set breakpoints for javascript, both are a must have.


Web developer

Modification tools, if you want to modify a request before it’s sent to the server tamper data is a great tool inside the browser for the job. User agent switcher will allow you to pretend to be any browser you’d like, don’t forget the starbucks iphone problem. Add n edit cookies is another modification tool that will allow you to easily change cookies so that you can impersonate a cookie you have obtained.

Tamper data

User agent switcher

Add n edit cookies

Miscellaneous add-ons. Show IP is a great add-on that will show you the IP connecting to, this may seem lame at first but when you are assessing multiple environments or malware this is always handy. Leet key is another great tool inside the browser that will perform encoding (base64, URL, rot13, etc) and even generate hashes.

Show IP

Leet key

Notable mentions

Foxy proxy