Speakers Chosen for CarolinaCon

In case you weren’t aware there is a conference called CarolinaCon that is held in the Raleigh area every year. This has been going on since 2005 and this year it’s held in nearby Chapel Hill. I attended the first CarolinaCon and thought it was a great small conference. The fees are low and the topics are on par with the big conferences, also they have only one track which they pride themselves on. This conference is put on by the North Carolina 2600 group which I used to hang with when I lived in Charlotte. The 2600 group does a great job of creating a party atmosphere and keeping things refreshing. You won’t find any stiff suits there.

The speakers have been chosen and you can find the lineup on their site. I will be giving at talk on Layer 7 Attacks. This talk will cover delve into vulnerabilities that are common to web applications and how attackers are leveraging those vulnerabilities. I hope to shed more light on vulnerabilities at layer 7 because this is the new battle ground. If anyone wants to know more about the conference please contact me.

Hope to see your there!!!

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