Nessus not free anymore :-(

Well that’s not entirely true, they will still offer the “engine” for free just not all of the plugins (maybe?). The current but soon to be old model had two types of subscriptions,

  1. Direct feed ($1,200 per year)
  2. Registered feed (free but plugins were 7 days old)

Come the end of July they will switch to a different model,

  1. Professional feed = Direct feed
  2. Home feed (only personal plugins, whatever that means?)

The press release was some what cryptic and I couldn’t decipher what exactly this “Home feed” will be. It could be all the plugins minus the compliance stuff but the proof is in the pudding.

So it’s a sad day but I guess we all knew this was coming. In fact I’m all for Tenable getting paid for their valuable service I just hope they don’t go the next step and raise the price of the plugins feed to something outrageous. I think $1,200 is a reasonable price especially is you’re an independent contractor like I used to be. Let’s just hope the “Professional feed” remains a reasonable price. Tenable could always introduce a 3rd tier geared towards large organizations to get even more capital, but maybe that won’t be necessary with their new model. If for some reason the 2 tier model doesn’t work I hope they will entertain the 3 tier model, I can only hope (cross fingers). They could be shooting themselves in the foot with this move, which is essentially shooting their user base in the foot as well.

I’m not a hater, I like love Nessus and think it’s bottom line the best vulnerability scanner on the market period. I remember not too long ago (~ 4 years?) when Nessus had around 1,000 plugins, now there are over 21,000 so they have definitely grown over the years. I hope this move will help them to keep growing, just don’t forget the little guy.

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