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Intro Video Tutorial for Webscarab

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I have finally gotten around to posting a video tutorial of Webscarab. This tutorial merely covers the basics on Webscarab and is a mirror reflection of my written tutorial, Webscarab Tutorial Part 1 (learning the basics). I plan on continuing this video series as I did with my written tutorials. I have always been a fan of video tutorials because they cut right to the chase and show the exact steps how something is performed. I have always frequented the videos on Iron Geek and Milw0rm which have been great resources as well. Don’t forget to maximize the video in the bottom right hand corner of the player, otherwise the video is pointless because you wouldn’t be able to see anything.

The video seems to have some background noise from the audio recording, if anyone has a suggestion for making a better recording I’m all ears. I recorded the screen cast with CamStudio but I also tried Record My Desktop in Linux. I wanted to use Record My Desktop but it was even worse. It could have been my cheap Logitech microphone that was the root cause of the problem? Please post feedback and let me know if these videos are useful, your feedback will determine what content I post in the future.

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Thank so very much for attention to detail, this video definately is an inspiration.

As for your camstudio, they should have a feature in your advanced audio that should wipe out the background noise for a more cleaner audio.

What I sometimes do is make the video first, in sections then narrate each section with audacity, but also your mic gain might be too high, so it picks up everything.


thanks for the feedback and advice about capturing audio. I would never have thought to record the audio afterwards, great idea. I hope to get off my lazy behind and post more videos so your tip will come in handy. thanks.


i would suggest if you could upload your videos to youtube. it would be accessible to more people like me would would benefit from these videos. secondly, the buffering would be better.


thanks for the feedback, i’ve been meaning to create a account or possibly a youtube account and start creating more videos. i teach security at a local college and i’m sure my students would appreciate that as well.

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