Defcon 15 videos released early

DefconA good friend of mine named Eric Jenko, who is also in web application security, sent me a link this morning to RoySAC’s blog that contains videos of Defcon 15. Now Defcon does release videos of their presentations but it does take them some time to do so. Luckily Carsten over at RoySAC is nice enough to rip these videos from DVD and share the content. I don’t know if this is legal or not but keep the open spirit Carsten.

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Hi Travis,

I don’t know if it is “legal” or not :). I am not a copyright lawyer, but a guy who is using common sense. I paid for the DVDs and looked at them. It does not state anywhere that unauthorized replication is prohibited or that all rights are reserved. Also, what is DefCon all about again? Raising awareness, find the problems and expose them that they will be fixed. You can’t raise awareness behind closed doors so I am only following the spirit of DefCon.

If it is just a commercial enterprise in reality and all fake on the outside, my apologies. The fake looked real to me 😉

I also don’t mind them selling the videos, but the price is IMO way too much. Look at Jason Scott, who was a presenter at the conference. He produced a documentary on 3 DVDs and sells it and made it available on Google Video under the creative commons licence at the same time. I bought the DVD set twice (the second one with Jason’s autograph on it hehe).

The price is fair and you get a nice DVD box and high quality and longer lasting DVDs for it. Who does not have the money to buy it, will not buy it, period. But those people should still get access to the content, if the claim was made that the content was produced for the people to raise awareness.

Don’t delete the comment. I might need it for my defence if somebody decides to send their lawyers after me for any reasons anyway 😉

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

No worries, you and I share the same opinion. I’m just appreciative that someone like you takes the time to make these educational videos available. I look forward to seeing the other videos.


sorry about not responding faster, away from my machine over the weekend. i checked the link it seems to work fine, let me know if its still down.

Bah, I should have checked earlier, the domain isn’t getting resolved at all, my ISPs DNS servers are probably weird, or blocking it, which would be concerning….

Oh well, its resolving now that I’ve added the IP to my hosts file.

Oh, and thanks for the link, 😀

In case you did not notice. The forth and final batch of videos is now up on Google Video as well. I finished it about a week ago.

Here is the link to the final wrap up post.

p.s. check also the “additional resources” blog for some extra goodies.

Kuza: I have no idea why the domain did not resolve for you. May I ask who your ISP is? The site is not hosted at a low-budget hosting provider.

It’s on a dedicated server in a special hosting facility at a company who does only hosting for its customers. The IP is only shared with a few other sites of mine, which have no offensive content or other junk on it that could have caused a black list or something of that sort.

yea i noticed your other posts Carsten, appreciate all the hard work. i have been fitting in time and watching those online. lots of hackery goodness to explore.

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