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CVE-2017-9791 exploit details

Was looking back through some of my notes and came across this write up I did for a Struts exploit. Nothing crazy but what I liked about the notes I captured was around detection on what defenders could have alerted on when this exploit came out. Enjoy!

Confirmed publicly released exploits of CVE-2017-9791 do […]

Hacking tutorial of the week (1/6/2020)

This guy doesn’t post a whole lot but the stuff he does post is spot on and nicely written. In this tutorial he gives a great introduction into out of band attacks. Goes over in detail how to pull off blind attacks leveraging SQL injection and command injection. Also before he dives […]

Why your organization should be doing Breach & Attack Simulations

Some would say what’s old is new again when it comes to a phrase like “breach and attack simulations”.  How is this different from vulnerability scanning, pentesting, or red teaming?  Really it’s more of a maturation of cyber security services so if your organization doesn’t currently employ a combination of vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, or […]

Testing versions of IE

Useful link for anyone wanting to download free virtual images to test IE versions

Encode your SQL injection attacks

Encoding SQL injection attacks is nothing new and automated tools like SQLmap will more than likely find flaws via this method.  That being said I was combing through some of my old docs and found what I think is a decent explanation how this type of attack leads to SQL injection.
I’ll be demonstrating this on an app […]