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Honeypot / honeyd tutorial part 5, email alerts

So this is the final article in this series of honeypots and honeyd and before I wrap it up I’ve gotta give big shout outs to Neils Provos the creator of honeyd. Neils has done an excellent job with the honeyd program and his book Virtual Honeypots is hands down the best book about honeypots […]

Honeypot / honeyd tutorial part 3, static IP’s

In the past two tutorials I’ve used DHCP to obtain IP’s for our honeypots running honeyd. Using dhcp is fine when testing honeyd and getting familiar with how honeyd works but a static IP may be more suitable for your environment. In my case I initially fooled around with honeyd via dhcp but when I […]

Honeypot / honeyd tutorial part 2, multiple honeypots

Part one of this series was to mainly get honeyd up and running. Hopefully you also took away from part one that the configuration file, honeyd.conf, is the key to making things work smoothly and properly. Now that you’ve got honeyd up and running let’s tweak honeyd.conf so that we have multiple honeypots running on […]

Honeypot / honeyd tutorial part 1, getting started

If you’ve somehow found my obscure site then you probably already know a little bit about honeypots and their functionality, if not here is a good breakdown. There are many different types of honeypots and these different types are explained very well in the book Virtual Honeypots which I highly recommend you read if you […]

ARP spoofing 101: Trust your LAN?

At home you’re fully aware of the hosts/people that are on your network, or at least you should be. Friends and family are usually trustworthy people and you don’t have to worry about them carrying out malicious activity, but what if you aren’t sharing the LAN (Local Area Network) with people you can trust? This […]