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password dictionary generator

I had the need to generate a password dictionary that would cover every possible combination for a defined character set.  I first learned to program in Python so I was going to start there first.  Before writing the program I decided to Google and see if anyone else had tackled this problem via Python, turned […]

CarolinaCon coming up soon

That time of year is approaching for the annual goodness that is CarolinaCon. This year the conference will be held March 13 – 14th. CarolinaCon is essentially a weekend long party with some great talks about technology thrown on top. The hotel bar is just steps away from the rooms where the talks are held […]

Speakers Chosen for CarolinaCon

In case you weren’t aware there is a conference called CarolinaCon that is held in the Raleigh area every year. This has been going on since 2005 and this year it’s held in nearby Chapel Hill. I attended the first CarolinaCon and thought it was a great small conference. The fees are low and the […]