Monthly Archives: May 2008

Nessus not free anymore :-(

Well that’s not entirely true, they will still offer the “engine” for free just not all of the plugins (maybe?). The current but soon to be old model had two types of subscriptions,

Direct feed ($1,200 per year)
Registered feed (free but plugins were 7 days old)

Come the end of July they will switch to a different […]

Widespread SQL injection & Javascript malware

This is the first time I have ever seen SQL injection this widespread and in an automated fashion. Before it’s all said and done this could be !!! HUGE !!!. News of this has been trickling out since the end of April with the first hint of it at the beginning of the year.
Basically what’s […]

CIFS, Linux, & Windows

I connect to Windows from Linux on almost a daily basis so I wanted to let others know how I connect the two OSes. There are some articles out there that will explain how to access Windows shares from Linux but they don’t explain things as simply as I would like. So first of all […]